The Five New Releases You Should Listen To This Week [Jan. 8, 2013]

Every Tuesday, I check out the New Release page on Rdio. Most of it’s actually new, some of it’s just new to the service.

[NOTE: This post uses Rdio embeds; they’re Flash-based, so they won’t show up if you’re reading this on a mobile device.]

Here are five new things worth checking out this week:

The Detroit Funk Vaults – This is a doozy.

Pere Ubu: Lady from Shanghai. No explanation necessary.

A massive collection of Louisiana rockabilly from the fine folks at Ace.

Humans: Traps. This record from Vancouver’s Traps actually came out in March of last year, but it’s just now available for streaming. Melodramatic electro-pop that’s super-simplistic and a little rough around the edges, but shows some promise.

Laba Sosseh: Salsa Africana, Vol. 4. The late Afro-Salsa singer occasionally shows up on compilations in the U.S., but despite his near-legendary status in Senegal, his original albums are notoriously difficult to find. Great stuff.

And then there’s this:

Also, please note this list is trying to avoid the obvious. But it should go without saying that the best new release of the week is:


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